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Subletting Process with AR Webber

If you are a current tenant of AR Webber and would like to sublet your apartment, here is the process & information you will need to do so. [PLEASE READ THROUGH ALL OF IT BEFORE MAKING YOUR DECISION AND STARTING THE NEXT STEPS]:

  • Send an email to that contains the dates that you plan to sublet - and whether or not it will be through the remainder of your lease. Please note that we need at least 2 months advance notice of when you intend to sublet. 

    • If you have a roommate that will be staying in the unit with the new sublet, please be sure to include (CC) the roommate on the email you send to us in order to confirm you have approval from that roommate to sublet your room. 

  • Pay a Subletting Process Fee of $100 by e-transfer - send to with the memo 'Sublet Fee for [Your Address/Apartment]' & use the password arwebber. (We will not start the subletting process until we receive this)

  • Once these two things are complete, you are responsible for advertising your unit to find the sublet. You will direct anyone that wants to sublet to fill out the application below. 

  • The sublet must fill out the application form below - we will review the applications and approve a sublet based on our approval process & criteria. We will let you know who is approved. 

  • Once an applicant is approved and agreed upon, we will send both parties a document to sign to add to your file and get the new sublet into our system.


  • The tenant (sublettor) on the lease will be responsible for all behaviour of the sublet - the sublet is required to follow all rules & policies listed in the leasing agreement. 

  • The tenant (sublettor) and the sublet will be responsible for coordinating times for key handover & moving in and out. 

  • The sublet will pay the tenant (sublettor) rent each month and AR Webber will continue to pull rent directly from the tenant (sublettor) on the 1st of each month. 

  • We strongly recommend the sublet get their own tenant insurance plan for the duration of their sublet 

  • The tenant (sublettor) will keep the utilities under their name for the duration of the sublet and you will coordinate payment for this between yourselves. 

  • In a scenario where the tenant (sublettor) does not have plans to return to the unit after subletting, the sublet and the tenant (sublettor) can reach out and ask if the sublet can rent the unit and start their own lease at the end of the tenant (sublettor's) lease term. At that point, if the unit is available to rent with a new lease, the sublet could sign a new lease for that unit at the market rent rate for the unit and send their own security deposit.

  • When the lease term is over and if the sublet does not sign a new lease, both parties are responsible for making sure the unit is returned in the expected condition by 12pm on the last day of the lease term - and if there are damages to the apartment, deductions will come out of the tenant (sublettor) security deposit. 

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