A.R. Webber

Serving greater Halifax Regional Municipality with quality residential and commercial rental properties.

Phone: 902-422-1470

Rental Inquiries: 902-818-5131

Mail: 6155 Coburg Road

Halifax, Nova Scotia

B3H 1Z7


July 5, 2011

The staff at A. R. Webber Properties has been very responsive to me while I've been a tenant here.  I've really enjoyed living here for the last two years.  

If you need a place to live or work, we have it!

Renting Halifax for over 40 years, we are now under new management and improving every day.

Our mission is simple… To provide you with a quality place to live or work at a reasonable price.

All of our buildings are unique and are conveniently located on the Halifax peninsula. Applications can be submitted online or call our office for information on current or future availability.